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  • contains no preservatives

  • helps against plaque and stone.

  • grain and gluten free

  • 100% natural

  • Lactose-free

  • rich in protein and calcium

  • Original from the Himalayas


About Yakka's


Yakka's are traditionally made from yak milk in the Himalayas. The yak is a type of cattle that lives high in the mountains. Yakka's are nutritious bones or bars made from yak milk that are also very healthy for dogs.  

In the traditional way the milk is solidified, separated from water and pressed in jute (the print can often still be found on the Yakka's). Then they are smoked, which gives a great taste. Finally, the Yakka's are cleaned, undergo a food quality control in the laboratory and are provided with a health certificate.

The farmers in the Himalayas receive a fair price, because of this we want to fight poverty together with you and make the world a little better. 

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